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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 23rd Sunday was quietly spent in Leamington. Terrific showers
all day- Thankful that we were prudent enough to refrain
from our contemplated excursion to Stratford-on-Avon the birth-
place of Shakespere [sic]
24th Cars run nearly every hour from here to Warwick-Kenilworth,
+c. But we wisely chose to make the circuit in a comfortable
carriage which moved at our pleasure.
First to the famous old Warwick Castle, three miles distant, stop-
ped on the old stone bridge for the fine view (as shown in photo-)
thence around to the right, where at the outer gateway xxxx an
old woman meets us and shows us into a room of the “lodge”
containing some old relics, and in a drawling monotonous tone
delivers her history of each article, The famous Saxon hero
“Guy Earl of Warwick”, stood 8 ft 11 inches in his stockings- In
the centre of the room stood his famous porridge pot of bell metal. Xxx
since used as a punch bowl, she “saw it filled and emptied three times
on occasions of the Early coming of age- requiring 18 gal’s of
Brandy- 18 gal’s of RUm- 50 gal’s Water- 100 lbs Sugar- with Lemons
and Oranges accordingly”, and the “meat hook” looked like a farmers
pitch fork- Through a roadway cut deep into solid rock
we approached the Castle and entered ^it^ between the two tallest towers.
Rung a bell at the entrance to the great Baronial Hall and was
shown in by a large pompous woman who delivered her orations in
the same monotonous style and rather fast for our digestion-
when the family of the Earl of Warwick are at home the castle is closed
to strangers. Walls about eight feet thick. Armor,
furniture and other relics of defunct sovereigns and nobles, and

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