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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 22 Salisbury to Leamington 840

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 they transport them? Over this rolling plain we also see
many mysterious large mounds, in some of which have been found
bones, spears, +c, probably of a later period than stonehenge-
22nd On the 1010 A.M. train for Oxford, but obliged to change cars at
Westbury, Swindon, and Didcot. At Westbury near the station is
a blast furnace of three stacks. A citizen told me, that the ore (iron)
lies but eighteen inches under the surface and has a strata fourteen
feet thick, that the mill raises the ore and puts it into the furnance at
8d (sixteen cents) per ton, making 33 1/3 per cent profits annually-having
only 3s (75 cts) per day to pay, per man-
At 330 PM we reached Oxford, and spent one and half hours riding
through the city until the arrival of the next train for Leamington-
The famous “Oxford College” consists of nineteen separate colleges and five “halls”-
which, with the exception of two or three somewhat modern buildings, look
more like jails than Colleges. Massive stonework, dingy, bruised, time-
worn, dark, with small gloomy windows, not calculated to cheer up vivac-
ious youth- We saw the narrow Thames filled with their frail row-boats
which have a world-
wide reputation for
speed- and
we saw their famous
“High Street” which
Englishmen call
the hansomest street
in England but
it does not equal
-Warwick Castle- Euclid Avenue-

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