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the rebuilding of the church”
The front is quite elaborately decorated with statues, niches, and
gothic ornaments, and the whole exterior is sufficiently broken and
irregular to make an interesting study. The spire is high and
well proportioned. Unlike the generality of Cathedrals crowded into
insufficient spaces, this one stands in a large lot, surrounded by trees
walks and carpet-like lawns.
Four hours of the afternoon was spent in an excursion by
carriage eight miles into the country, to a mysterious collection of
great rocks, called “Stonehenge”, the origin of which is entirely
unknown, but conjecture attributes the structure to have been a
temple of the Druids, those mysterious people of whom so little is
known. Situated in the midst of an immense, barren
chalk plain,
where one can see
many miles in
every direction,
to find, only here
And there a few
clumps of bushes.
This great rolling
prairie extends all
the way to Salisbury
covered with stunted
grass, but a few
-Salisbury Cathedral- inches underneath

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