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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 837 Isle of Wight to Salisbury

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 at the old town of Cowes
where a score of large
hansome yachts lay at
anchor in the wads (?)-
Thence across the
wade and up the River
to Southampton, passing
the immense “Netley Hos-
pital” a hansome building
and the ruins of “Netley -Black Gang chine-
Abbey”- Portsmouth and Southampton are seaport towns not worth
a visit, so we did’nt [sic] stay- 1140 train from the latter to the
old town of Salisbury (“White Hart” Hotel-) one hours ride west
from Southampton.
After lunch, a short walk brought us to the old Cathedral
celebrated for its great length and fine architecture, being over
four hundred feet long inside- There are two and in some
places three rows of arches one above another resting on the Columns
The latter are composed of several small columns grouped together, and
they are being polished by a score of workmen whose scaffolding
and rubbish occupy about half of the interior. The ceiling is to
be tinted, and when finished will add greatly to its beauty.
A pretty little verse shown to us by the Sexton says, there are as
many windows as days in the year, and as many marble columns
as there are hours in the year. After giving us the names of
a few tombs and a little general information he handed me the register
for our names, requested me to put down “5” as the number of our party

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