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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 20-1 Isle of Wight 836

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 On the Isle of Wight. Into a tramway care over the long
pier into an omnibus to the railway station, and we are off
again, riding the while [sic] length of their railway (12 miles) across the
eastern end of the island to the charming watering place of
Ventnor. Into a carriage, through the town, along the
rugged coast overlooking the sea, seven miles along the south-
ern coast to a charmingly situated Hotel (where they swindled
us) at the head of the “Black gang chine”, a fancy name for a pe-
culiarly shaped shore. Lunch, and ramble through the “bazaar”
of “Niagra [sic] falls” trinkets- back again to Ventnor where our family
was delighted and wanted to stay a week. Fresh, hilly,
flowery, ocean scenery, rugged paths, and other romances—
The island is very pretty, rolling, hilly, and fully cultivated-
Back again to Ryde, Hotel Esplanade, on the shore,
small, but new and clean.
21st Off again in the 10 oclock steamer, along the beautiful
northern coast where the villas of suberban [sic] Ryde climb the
ascending slopes of green-
Past the Queens
private residence, the
“Osborne House” where
the flying flags indi-
cates that “she is there”
A good view of the large
house and long sloping
Just beyond, we stopped -Ventnor- Isle of Wight-

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