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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 My first Bankers, Bowles Bros
+ Co have astonished me by
refunding about $6. In over
charges as per my claim.
Miss Ellis’ “boarding house” is
our first and last attempt in
Europe outside of Hotels-
English breakfasts rather tough
and cold- plenty of cold
meats for one oclock lunch,
and a good dinner at seven
PM too late- Miss Ellis
is an old spinster, peevish and
-Bank of England- particular, says grace aloud
at the close of dinner, but I hav’nt always patience to wait
for everything to be cleared from the table. Among our
boarders were Mr Stattery and Wife, just such people as we have
hoped to meet, splendid specimens of the “vale ould Irish gintleman”-
He is the mayor of Waterford Ireland. Witty, cheerful, liberal, polite
and educated.
20th Good bye old London. Our trunks have all gone forward
To Liverpool, but we are going south first, with satchels only.
Its a great relief to quit this tiresome place of inconveniently
Long distances. On the 1130 train bound for Portsmouth
We felt free’d, liberated, breathing the fresh air of the garden
Like country. 2 oclock at Portsmouth where a street car
Carried us to the steamer, thence across the channel to Ryde

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