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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Lieut Genl Wade, surmounted by the coat of arms of the Wade
family (a sketch of which I have lost) Another tomb in
a recess from the nave, is very impressive, of Queen Charlotte
in white marble. She lies on her side with one arm hang-
ing down, covered with a sheet while two mourners below are also
covered. Above, her spirit is ascending. The drapery behind is
also white marble. Father down the slope, we found
the old “Kerfew Tower” forming the lower corner of the wall.
Through rubbish, and up a rickety steep narrow stairway we ascended
to the old ^clock^ one of the oldest in the Kingdom, whose chime, every
three hours, plays “praise ye the Lord” so says the old man
attendant, but we did’nt
hear it-
Grays “elegy in a church
yard” of=
“The Kerfew tolls the Knell
“of parting day”-
rung in our ears and
thoughts continually. We
climbed on the roof and had
a charming view of the
Thames, Windsor town, and
Eaton [sic] College.
A strawberry lunch at the
restaurant in the town, and
a search for photo’s finished
our days excursion- -Tomb in St Georges Chapel-

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