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had accumulated, the
guide led us through the
state and public apart-
ments naming each pic-
ture or article- There
are doubtless several
hundred rooms in this
immense fortress, but
not more than a dozen
were shown to us, said
to be the “reception hall,
eining room, waiting room”
+c- all of which fell
far short of the display
-In Windsor Castle- which we have seen in
several of the continental castles-or Palaces- The Queens
private apartments are only to be seen by special permits from
the Lord Chamberlain at Buckingham Palace which we
were not inclined to chase after- The Castle sits
on an eminence a hundred feet above the surrounding country
and the view from the terrace was charming- while some
of the younger members were climbing up the famous old “round
tower” (as shown in the centre of the above photo-) we passed
down into “St Georges Chapel” a neat church plainly furnished
where I was interested in a tomb erected behind the alter [sic] to the
memory of William Wade with a flattering inscription by his Brother

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