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water lillies. [Sic] Plaster casts of celebrated statues, groups,
and animals, are distributed throughout the building. MOdels
of the Pantheon, Colesseum [sic], Forum, tombs, bas reliefs +c .
Many side rooms are elaborately decorated, frescoed, plastered,
and modelled [sic] into representing “Courts” from Egypt, Japan
Abysinia, +c. We invested in photographs and soda
water. A sign “American ice-cream soda water” inveigled us
into paying high for a sham drink, but there is a genuine
“American Cream Soda” stand in Regent street which makes a
regular American drink and is not only celebrated in London
fut is known all over the continent. They are patronised
fully- Its a machine brought from Boston to the worlds
fair, and the British cant duplicate the secret, altho-
we have three or four as fine in Cleveland- Several
British have acknowledge to me that the Americans are ahead
in making cooling drinks-
Back again a 7 1/2 PM via the Victoria station- Its quite
necessary to watch for the proper station. There are
several stations on each of the many railways and we must
buy ^tickets^ for the right station with as much care as though we were
going to another city-
Shopping, shopping. We have all laid in a stock of clothing
of all kinds sufficient for a year or more ahead- from
the lightest laces to the heaviest furs- Cottons, linnens, silks
broadcloths, a great trunk full, consequently a great new
trunk must be added to our stock-

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