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mile square-
The grounds are lovely, in terraces
masonry, and promenades, but
we had more to see within than
we could digest in one after-
noon. The fine orchestral
concert at four oclock detained
us long enough to rest, and the
organ concert at half past five
the same, but the enchanting
booths and courts required too much
walking to stay quietly before
the music-
The building is used entirely as a -Interior-
place of amusement and traffic- Innumerable stalls, stands
and stores meets one at every turn, filled with attractive
fancy goods, from the small photograph stand up to the large
stores- Also several refreshment and dining saloons-
The building is very large and high, very light, airy and
well proportioned, charmingly filled with hothouse plants
flowers, trees, while overhead innumerably hanging baskets
of large size with trailing flowers fill the remaining spaces
until one quite feels himself in a fairy land of flowers, where
many fountains also add their beauties. The first
structure in the above photo, is a tall fountain made entirely of
glass which throws off the water with beautiful effect. It stands

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