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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 in expensive cabs- We enjoy riding in the “Hansoms”, very much,
Its a kind of heavy covered gig, with the driver on top behind,
leaving nothing to obstruct our view- By the trip they go
about nine miles per hour, by the hour they go about four-
We have made a pleasant excursion to the “Crystal Palace”
at Sydenham. Nearly two miles by cab to the Victoria
station, “train just going, another one in 27 minutes”-
The trains run every few minutes so there’s no difficulty in
catching one. Forty minutes ride, stopping about every
three minutes at villas and villages- Up thirty or forty
steps directly into the Palace. One shilling each to
enter the building including all shows in the program.
Sometimes the entrance fees are
a pound each, according to the
extent of amusements offered.
Glancing at the bottom of our
program we discovered that
the three great fountains were to play
and that it was just time (3 1/4
P.M.) for them to stop, so we
hurried across the Palace to the
terrace seats overlooking the gardens
and had a grand view of the
magnificent fountains about
five minutes before the [sic] ceased-
This photo- shows one of the nine
-Crystal Palace- sets of fountains that were going

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