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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 than a lake, and to [sic] straight to be picturesque.
We saw several hundred carriages. The only nobility present
were the Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia. The most
pretentious turn-outs had two drivers in livery, knee breeches and
powdered wigs. A ^few^ four-horse “drags”, like the Waterloo stages,
clumsy with seats along the top- Suddenly, a clog of carriages
as far as our eyes could reach, and necks stretched from every
one to see the reason
near us the powdered
wig coachman of
Lord Willoughby De
Brook was either
drunk or in a fit
so that, excited
policemen were
dragging him
from his seat while
his frightened -General Post Office-
footman was as pale as a sheet, our two hours drive
was very pleasant- London is blessed with several
large parks and a great many small ones, which opens up
the city liberally and is a good sanitary protection.
The streets are wide, clean, and reasonably straight—but
the architecture although massive and good is smoky, sooty,
with no effort at exterior cleanliness.
A few days study over the omnibus routes and names, shows
me how to ride long distances for six and eight cents instead of

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