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for me to judge from on this trip-
Their boasted “Hyde Park” does not equal Central Park
in size, beauty, or expensive ornamentation. Is more level
less broken up-no roads passing under bridges- no sculpture,
not wild or grand like the Bois de Boulogne of Paris-
We rode in it. No street cabs, hansomes, or public carriages
are allowed to enter,
so I must hire a
livery carriage-
went to nine livery
stables before I found
There are several
gates to enter-
This photo-shows the
principal entrance
-Entrance to Hyde Park- while across the street
stands a massive pile supporting an equestrian figure-
From 12 to 2 oclock is the time chosen for equestrians of whom
there are generally a hundred or two on hand. From 5 to 7
P.M. Is the most fashionable hour for driving, and many riders
are then on hand also. The fashionable portion is a lim-
ited drive along one half of the circle (or elipse [sic]) used by the
equestrians called “Rotten row’, an inappropriate name for their
lovliest [sic] park teeming with their freshest beauties.
Through the centre runs a long body of water more like a river

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