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for Queen, husband, and prince of Wales, now unoccupied-
The session began at 520 by Lord Northbrook, speaking
on his “army reform” bill, a prosy, hesitating, sing-song old fogy [sic],
who disgusted me by taking up all my two hours spare time, so
that I heard no one else except the noisy and undignified
interrruptions [sic] of “hear! Hear”! which sounded much like our
rowdy boys’ “hi-hi”! And looked like it too— for they moved
about, went in and out past the speaker, and what was
worse then all, sat, half of them, with their plug hats on,
some gray plugs, some black, mixed up with bald heads and
bushy tops- Through the centre of the room between the
two sets of benches sat the clerks at large tables- The
two chief secretaries wore black gowns and powdered wigs- The
four messenger boys (large fat boys) wore black gowns with white
baggy sleeves about a foot and half in diametter [sic] , but the
most comical sight was the Lord Chanceller [sic] sitting in the
legendary “woolsack” (a red divan about six feet square) stiff
as a post, looking neither to the right nor left although members
frequently dropped down for a minute by him, dressed in a
black baggy robe with long powdered wig, clinching his hands
in his lap, looking like an ancient schoolmaster watching
his big boys- Poorly arranged for night sessions, badly
placed gas burners, few of them. They know nothing of the beauties
of lighting by Electricity as in our brilliant congress-
My whole experience in Europe makes me appreciate my
own country more highly than Ever, which I can now say

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