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On a Saturday, we inspected the interior, rambling through
the principal halls, “House of commons”, rotundas, “house of Peers”
+c, while several hundred others were doing the same, but
there were many constables on hand yelling at those who
ventured to touch anything or sit in the “noble” seats
The accompanying photo-shows one end of the Palace, taken
from the centre of Westminster bridge. The River front is said
to be 940 feet long. The city side forms a letter U. Making
a large court for carriages to enter- It is nearly square, is
in the gothic style, and profusely ornamented with little towers and
gothic pinnacles, niches and carving, very “gingery” without the
lofty, noble air of our Capital at
Washington. The clock Tower
and spire is 316 feet high. The clock
is the most reliable time in London
as it is regulated by telegraph
daily from the Greenwich observatory
Has five great bells for the hours
and quarters-
The rooms for the Peers and
commons are quite similar,
great deal of gingerly [sic] gilding and
carving, dark, lighted from
stained glass windows high up
under the high flat roof, square
and inconveniently arranged- -Parliament House-

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