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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 have followed the solemn and beautiful burial service of the dead-
(This photograph shows a portion of the “Poets corner”
and on the floor the floral
offerings on the slab which
covers the tomb of the great
novelist Charles Dickens who
so gracefully apologized to the
American people and won their
From the Abbey we walked
an english half mile (our ladies
vowed it was all of two miles and
they would’nt believe another
Englishman about distances)
to the “Royal Mews” (stables)
-Tomb of Chas Dickens- where our letter to Mr Porter
(From his brother in Hogans grocery) who has charge of keeping
it in order gave us some extra attention but as the dis-
play of Horse and carriages did not equal that of the
Imperial stables in Vienna we were not particularly interested
She has altogether over four hundred Horses. The great
gaudy, gilt state carriage weighing four tons has not been
used since the death of the Prince Consort in 1861-
Across the street from Westminster Abbey, on the Thames
stands “Westminster Palace” or House of Parliament. Citizens
and strangers are only allowed to enter it on Saturdays when
there is no session, and then, only by written permit, which

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