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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 enclosure. In one of the chapels stands the famous old
plain chair in which the British Sovereigns for the past six
hundred years have been crowned, down to and including Victoria.
under the seat is the large stone on which the Scottish Kings were
formerly crowned. When in use it is wheeled to the
high alter [sic] and appropriately draped.
Every nook and corner is a hallowed spot where the spirits of
the illustrious seem to fill the air. The little
hand book catalogue which we buy at the door, truly says=
‘Westminster Abbey may not inaptly be called the pantheon of
‘the glory of Britain, for it is its monuments and remains
‘which render the Abbey so precious to Englishmen and the whole
‘civilized world. Here lie nearly all our Kings, Queens,
‘princes, from Edward the confessor to George 2nd-
‘Here Kings and Sculptors, princes and poets, philosophers and
‘warriors, aged men and budding youth, the vulgar great and
‘the author of imperishable strains, have silently moulded into
‘dust, and enduring marble embalms their memory. Here the
‘rival statesmen are at peace and the tongue of the orator is mute
‘Here side by side rest the crowned head and the chancellor, the
‘archbishop and the actor, the divine and the physician, the
‘Queen and the actress. Here the Roman catholic magnate has
‘celebrated mass with more than eastern splendor, and her the
‘Puritan has poured forth his fervent but lowly exhortation. Here
‘the dread sentence of excommunication has been launched forth in
‘all its terrors, and here the first English BIble issued from the
press. [sic] Here the magnificence and pomp of the royal coronation

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