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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July London 820

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 was begun in AD 610. In
1245 Edward the confessor began
to enlarge it, and the enlarging
and adding to, has been going
on down to the past century
The front (see photo) is the
only imposing side of the ar-
chitecture. Within, it
is dark, and high, the side
aisles projections wings and chapels
being all crowded with the
ornamental, or monumental tombs
of illustrious dead- The
dark, south wing, is called the -Westminster Abbey-
“Poets corner” as it is devoted entirely to poets of great celebrity,
whose busts, statues, reliefs, and inscriptions fairly chains one
to the corner. Ben Johnson, Saml Butler, Spenser, Milton
Gray, Drayton, Barton Booth an actor and poet, Chaucer,
Cowley, Dryden, Campbell, Southey, xxxxxxx Thompson,
Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Handel the musician, Addison,
Garrick, Camden, Macauley, Sheridan, and ^a^ host of others,
while under our feet we tread upon their slabs, among whom we
fairly shudder with surprise to discover freshly carved inscription
to the illustrious Charles Dickens died June 1870-
Rich stained glass windows and elaborately carved stalls
ought to share our attention but our whole interest is centered
in the illustrious inscriptions and tombs- To go into the

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