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through the rooms, elegantly dressed, especially the effigies
of the present Royal families, particularly the Princess Louise
and Princess of Wales whose trails were several yards long and
richly trimmed with real laces, stains +c, still we felt
that no reliance could be placed on the likenesses judging
from the very poor representations of Lincoln, McClellan
Johnson, Washington, and Grant
We spent one afternoon very pleasantly at the Polytechnic
Institute having a variety of entertainments for a “shilling”-
In a water-tank thirteen feet deep a man illustrated the
“Divers” business, by picking up the small change under water
while men above pumped air into his steel headgear- a
regular diving-bell was also lowered with two or three of our
audience inside each time (one shilling)- Another room,
is turned into a respectable little theatre where some kind of
performance takes place each hour. We, there, listened to Prof
Peppers lecture on West Ireland and enjoyed the magic lantern dis-
solving views of it, varied by Irish songs from a lady and
pieces from the little orchestra. All through the
main hall are little peddlar [sic] stands chiefly dealing in tricks
and oddities.
But the most interesting building in London is
old “Westminster Abbey”, situated but a few yards from the
River Thames and just across the street from the “Parliament
House”. IT is in much better preservation than I expected
Looks as well as the majority of old cathedrals- It

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