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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 We steered clear of the Llamas, after the joke that was played on
us in Amsterdam by one of the species which defends itself by
chewing a mouthful of cud and sneezing it into our faces
very wickedly- Much interested in one of the
species of Cranes. Birds about the size of
large Ducks with legs about thirty inches long,
and a neck about half as long. The
legs, no larger than pipe-stems look very frail
and awkward.
The Aviarys [sic] contain a large variety of Eagles,
but we could discover no “American Eagles”
disturbing their ^British^ serenity. The Parrots were noisy, numerous
and brilliant. Four large Elephants of whom one was taken
out and saddled for aspiring equestrians who desired to contibute
another shilling-
We enjoyed an evening among Mm Tussauds
wax-works, in several large rooms with high ceilings, very
richly furnished,
gilded columns and
cornices, grand
mirrors, large
paintings and rich
Wax figures sitting
standing, by dozens
more or less, of
-Trafalgar Square- sovereigns and great

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