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Our second “4th of July” in Europe was spent very quietly, only
a little “shopping”, no celebration-
We have attended a grand concert in the great “Royal
Albert Hall”, near the crystal Palace [sic], in Hyde Park- the largest
and best arranged concert or lecture hall that I ever saw, seating
about six thousand. Very plainly decorated. As we were not
in full dress were compelled to go into the upper gallery, but
our position was excellent for seeing the great audience.
Behind the Band of hundred instruments stood the greatest organ
in the world, requiring two steam engines (8- and 12 Horse power)
to blow it- Four of the largest pipes are at least eighteen inches
diameter and forty feet high. Two men could stand inside each-
We did not hear it-
Have had pleasant visits with our citizens R C Parsons, wife
Daughter and Son, Mr and Mrs Jno Shelly and Miss Deshler and
Mrs Woodrow of Columbus
We have rambled through the large and hansome park of the “zoolog-
Ical gardens”, perhaps the best supplied of any in the world, with
Animals, Birds, Reptiles +c Were much interested in the beautiful
Satin Bower Bird, and the great sea-lion. Saw the latter being
fed, on fish, and were greatly astonished when the monster climbed
upon the stone curbing and kissed his master on the mouth, several times
while the master (a great shaggy headed but good natured looking man)
stood quietly, each of them very happy. The monster after his kiss would
dive in again, reappear on the central platform and catch his reward
(a fish a foot long) in his mouth very skilfully [sic]

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