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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 everything, arranged in a ll manner of beautiful and grotesque
designs, flowers, birds, stars, animals, plants, serpents,
+c. +c. Other rooms contained great varieties of chain
and steel armor, of every age, weight, and design, on
wooden effigies astride of mail clad studs, very natural, like
a squadron of Knights. Many armors of Kings up to
an hundreds pounds weight each. They decreased in
weight until 1680 when they quite disappeared- a few had
bullet holes through them- It is also quite a museum
of curiosities from all nations, especially fighting im-
pliments [sic]- Many stone cannon balls, eighteen inches
diameter quite round- A long tiresome walk-
We have heard the favorite
operatic singer Mm Adelina Patti,
at the “Royal Italian Opera House”
in “Il trovetore”. She was
charming- All sang splendidly
without a fault- The chorus
was full and rich. The orchestra
was grand- Here, as in
every other large theatre of London
no one is admitted into the boxes
family circle or parquette, except
in full dress. Ladies without
hats, gentlemen in black.
our Mr Parsons’ whole family was
-Royal Exchange- turned back because little Richard

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