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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of the “Byward Tower”, carries us into the streets and yards
within. For hundreds of years it has been jointly
used as Palace Prison and Fortress— massive structures
have been spotted around or irregularly added from time to time,
several built into and forming a part of the outer walls, which
are now called “towers of which more than twenty are named
One of them holds the Crown Jewels- Up a narrow stair-
way into a small plain room in which stands a circular
glass case ten feet in diameter protected by an iron rail-
ing, a woman, and a guard (below)- The crowns,
four or five of them sparkle with magnificent jewels of va-
rious kinds in immense sizes. Royal sceptres- swords
immense annointing [sic] vessels in pure gold, alltogether
valued at seventeen and half million dollars gold-
The guide points out many cells, windows, or dismal piles
where scores ^of^ Sovereigns, Princes, Lords, great personages, and
aspirants famous and infamous in English history
have been imprisoned, tortured and slain- We saw the ter-
rible iron block (and axe of the headsman) with deep gashes
on its face showing use- The last victim was in 1740,
an old Lord eighty years of age.
A very interesting part is that used as an armory, where
many irregular shaped rooms are filled with arms (small) of
every description. Sixty five thousand stand of new arms
are neatly stood in racks, while the walls and ceilings
are elaborately and extremely tastely [sic] ornamented with old
or ancient weapons, swords, pistols, spears, ramrods, locks

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