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sparkling wit of Beecher, without the deep logic of our
Forbush- A good sermon but not what I expected-
Strange to say, amidst that great audience I sat be-
side our citizen Mr P. Fogg who is returning from China and
not before seen us for thirteen months- also beside our
friends Miss Deshler and Mrs Woodrow who are boarding on
Wimpole St Cavendish Sqr-
We have been through the “old London Tower”
“old slaughterhouse” the English call it- down by the old
London bridge- not a “tower” at all but an extensive ir-
regular prison ornamented with pinnacles and small cor-
ner towers, surrounded by a wide moat now dry and used
as a drill ground for the soldiers stationed there-
Firstly, we are stopped at the office, buy tickets (25 cents each)
and a guide book (that the guide dont give us time to read) wait
for an accumulation of thirty or forty visitors, then follow the guide
decked out in a
bespangled long frock
coat of red flannel
gay as a harlequin
through the “middle
tower” a kind of gate-
way, massive, across
the bridge over the
moat, through
-“London Tower”- the thick archway

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