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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 gate and called for our pass. We ascended to the first
gallery (there are two stories of large galleries extending all
around the church) and stood along the wall until the
members arrived, when we popped into the nearest vacancy
where we had excellent seats, near the preacher, and a good
view of the immense audience. No tickets are required
after the doors are thrown open, but then, the best chances (?)
are filled. A policeman in front sometimes gives tickets to
strangers. The church seats six thousand, and
it was full, with a few hundred standing along the walls,
so well arranged that all can see and hear.
The pulput [sic], is not a pulput [sic], but small platform with an
open railing in front so that all can see the preachers limbs-
A little open table beside his chair comprises the furniture.
This platform is high up, on a line with the first gallery
supported by iron columns-
Mr Spurgeon has been ill a long time with gout, and
today is his second effort. He is a large, heavy, “stocky”
man, moving from his chair to the railing, with much dif-
ficulty- He read from three different chapters
commenting on nearly every verse- no choir, A
man steps beside the preacher, starts the piece and
the whole audience join- The text was from Isaiah
40th 6-7-8 “All flesh is grass and all the goodliness thereof is as the
“flower of the field- The grass withereth, the flower fadeth”-=c-
assisted by St Peter 1st 23- It was a strong “total
depravity” sermon, delivered in a clear, deliberate manner

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