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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 fifteen rods between rows of tall poplars, the right hand bordered by a row of show-cases containing cheap jewelry, photographs, stone work, +c  a-la-Niagara Falls-  At the spring we find three or four hundred people, some drinking, some chatting, and the greater numbar [sic] promenading

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Behind the spring is a handsome covered promenade leading to the largest conservatory and best of the three or four scattered through the Park, containing some large specimen of Tropical plants, but they are not trimmed and cared for with the skill shown by “our Graham”.  This spring is 12ft deep and flows 2900 gallons per day-  Prof Von Liebig a celebrated chemist calls it the richest in Carbonic acid gas of any spring in Europe, an old salt wall [sic well?] suspended about a hundred years ago until its curative qualities were discovered in 1834. The paved floor surrounding the well is about 6ft below the railing observed in the picture- From one to four girls  are always in attendance to deal out the glasses. It is customary, when about to leave the city to give them a small fee, but no

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