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somest lot of children that I ever saw together- Plenty
to eat and they ate charmingly. Our hearts were sadly
touched. Poor darlings, perhaps not one of them knows
their parents- In the other wing we saw the boys come
in and sing “grace” sweetly-
We have visited the great Cathedral of St Paul, a
massive pile of good proportions externally, but cheerless
within evidently attempting to see how much of the space
could be filled up with pillars, arches, and other massive
masonry. Its paintings, statues, and ornaments are too
ccanty to interest us after our experience in Italy, although
the english place it ahead of
everything but Westminster Abbey
in point of interest-
Our second Sunday was
devoted to Mr Spurgeon, the
Henry Ward Beecher of London,
in his plain, but large church
across the Thames. We
arrived a half hour ahead of time,
A friend gave us a written “pass”
and advised us to pass along
the side to the fourth entrance
in the rear- We did not
expect to use the “pass”, but sure
-St Pauls cathedral- enough, a man barred the side

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