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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 to Spurgeons church- We always ride in a “hansome”
when no more than two are going- They are delightful- a
kind of covered gig, with two very heavy wheels, heavy top, the
driver sitting behind near the summit, driving over our heads,
so that nothing obstructs our view- The only other kind of
public carriages are one-horse four-wheeled cabs, close dirty
boxes, seating four, but crowded- none nice and clean, none
hansome, never two horses-
We spent the “4th of July” very quietly, chiefly in
shopping, no celebration-
The first Sunday we attended service at the church
in the “Foundling Hospital”- got poor seats in the narrow recess
of a window in the gallery, but t’was my usual luck to
stand two hours and nearly break my back- Our land-
lady was astonished to hear that I had given my seat to a
lady “Americans are noted for giving up their rightful
seats but English never do it” she said-
On one side of the organ sat about two hundred little
orphan boys dressed alike neatly. On the other, as many
little girls, all in uniform, high caps, bibs, and aprons all white
giving the inclined plane of humanity the appearance of a
snow covered hillside- For one and half hours the
service consisted in singing, chanting, and choral recitations
from the youngsters, some of it quite musical- Then ^half^ a
hours sermon began, but we backed out, descended to
their dining, and saw them eat. We were exceedingly
interested in the little girls of three and four years, scores

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