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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 1st-9th London 809

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 A few steps farther brought the grand old “Westminster Abbey” before
us, then a little park surrounded by wide and crowded streets
backed up by massive and imposing architecture, one of the
buildings was the “Westminster Place Hotel” which we were seeking
We had landed in one of the hansomest localities of London- and
as interesting historically as any in the city- When within
a stones throw of our hansome hotel, of imposing architecture, a
policeman replied to us that he did’nt know of any such hotel-
Our Telegram from Brussels has not secured very desirable
quarters, so I at once jumped into a “hansome” and drove to
Miss Ellis’ 34 York Place Portman Sqr where Shelly’s are boarding-
All full- Thence to her Sisters Miss Ellis 23 Granville Place
Portman Sqr where I engaged rooms, back again three miles
to our Hotel, on again four miles further to our baggage,
back again and moved the family, so that it was five P.M.
before we got into these rooms-
London is a city of “magnificent distances”- three and half-
million people, nearly double the size of Paris- streets
of good width, well paved, reasonably straight, and the ground
pretty thoroughly built up with substantial houses, all dingy-
One frequently finds a lump of soot settled on the nose-
The people make no efforts to paint or beautify their buildings
outside, but pretend to elegance within-
Its a difficult matter to accomplish much in finding “ad-
dress’s” Three miles to my Bankers- three miles another
direction to my former Bankeres. Two miles to our favorite dry
goods store- Three miles to the opera. Four and half miles

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