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have been mixed upon the continent.
Among the numerous little steamers we chose the one going
to Westminster bridge, crowded with people, one penn fare
(2 cents) each, for three miles ride-
Leaving the old London bridge by the “old London Tower” we
are carried swiftly up the busy stream, pas the great “St Pauls
Cathedral” whose large dome and two spires form a conspicuous
landmark, past the “somerset house” formerly the Royal residence,
under three or four railway bridges and half a dozen carriage
bridges, all very massive of more or less elegance, but all quite
similar in their arches and piers, quite low, so that none
but low piped ferries can pass
under without lowering their pipes-
None have swings or draws for
vessels- The “Blackfriars”
and “Westminster” are two of the
At the right hand end of Westminster
bridge we ascend a wide flight of
stairs, crowded and jostled by hun-
dreds going each way, and
find ourselves ^before^ the grand and
immense buildings of “Westminster
Palace” (the house of Parliament)
whose square clock tower, and other
-Westminster bridge- pinnacled towers give ^an^ imposing

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