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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 1st London 807

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 we reached our
landing “St Catherines
wharf” about ten A.M.
but the confusion of
steamers, ships, barges
ferries +c detained
us nearly two hours
before we could touch
the short, and
here for the first time -Blackfriars Bridge-
we began to realise the immensity of London. We learned
that our Hotel was four miles distant- and instead of laboring through
the crowded streets in a cab, were advised to go up the River in
the steam ferry, a kind of omnibus line, beginning at the first
bridge the “old London bridge”, which our informant said was only
about ten minutes walk, but fortunately we knew something
about the English idea of walking and wisely decided to call a
cab, and ^we^ found it a good mile, and a crowded one too- and
I doubt somewhat our ability to have found the steamer without
very much inquiry through that labarynth [sic] of crooked narrow
streets and passage. Fortunately the greatest of all
European cities is English speaking and we ask questions
enough to make up for our previous restraint- In this
respect we are glad that we are done with “furriners”- but-
on the other hand, we regret that necessity compels us to stay
a month among the English, to live among and depend
upon a race that we have learned to despise.

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