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was too late, as we were running down the lagoon between
two high rows of piles, but fortunately he spied a fish-
boat and checked the speed long enough for us to pile
ourselves and traps into it, about the quickest unloading
on record nonwithstanding that we had to fall about
eight feet, and the ladies, especially Ma, scarcely yet
know how it was done. The boatman with
an eye to business (a horrid bloodshot e ye) shared our
good luck by charging us ten times as much as he
would ordinarily be glad to accept- A large part
of the good luck consisted in escaping the “Belgique”
where the crowd had engaged every chair, sofa, and ^every^ spot
on the floor, and our worthless tickets would have kept us
standing all night- But we happily found the “Belgium”-
larger, stronger, plenty of good staterooms, not crowded,
and went quietly to bed- to find ourselves the next mor-
ning entering the mouth of the Thames, too wide to see
the shore on either side, but it soon narrowed and
gave us a pleasant ride through crowds of shipping with
continuous smoky towns on each side-
This is a much pleasanter way of reaching London
than being routed up at Dover 2 1/2 P.M. Change to cars
stand a revenue examination and reach London four oclock
in the morning. Our examination was made by
two gentlmenlly [sic] officials while ascending the River, and was very
slight as only one of our trunks were required to be opened

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