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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Carlotta. In 1802 was purchased by Napoleon 1st for
Josephine, and where he formed his Russian campaign
Is a large hansome building with an extensive beautiful
lawn descending towards the canal-
Brussels claims to employ one hundred and thirty thou-
sand people manufacturing lace-
30th At 5 P.M. We were again on our travels, through
Malines and Ghent, a three hours ride, through a low
uninterresting country, to Ostende, where we were to
take steamer for London, not however without first
having a little adventure to remember our last moments
among foreign languages. We gave our trunks
in charge of two porters to deliver at the London steamer
“Belgium”, then gathering up our numerous satchels and
“traps” hunted our way to the steamer where we had the
satisfaction of seeing our train unloading our passengers
and baggages ahead of us. Down into the cabin, not
quite what I expected, but the mail agent and half a dozen
others answered “yes” when I suspiciously enquired if that was
the “Belgium for London”. Reaching the Deck again
I discovered our trunks had not arrived but as we had two
hours before starting, did not feel anxious, when suddenly
I discovered that the steamer was leaving although no bells
or whistle had been sounded, but, as people on shore
were bidding “adieu”, and “bon voyage” I rushed to the Captain
and learned that we were on the mail steamer “Belgique” bound
for Dover (connecting with London by rail). I protested

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