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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 interest are, the many large
stained-glass windows, and
the principal pulpit, situated
on one side of the nave, between
two of the many columns which
support the roof each one of which
supports a marble statue on x a
bracket (as shown in the photo-
each side of the pulpit)-
This pulpet [sic] is entirely walnut
elaborately carved and one of
the boldest conceptions that we
have seen. The two life
-Cathedral Pulpit- sized figures below represent the
“Expulsion from Paradise”. On the left side a large serpent
climbs to the top where the Virgin stands punching its head
with the cross, while several kinds of animals, birds, and
fowls are seen in the foliage.
Hansome, carved, confessionals, and a good supply of cane seat
chairs are noticable- [sic]
We much enjoyed a ride, down along the canal a couple
of miles through the hansomely [sic] shaded avenue called the
Allée verte, to the cemetery at Laeken where an elegant
church is being built for the royal vaults- Thence a little
farther, up the hill, to the royal chateau which we did
not enter as the King and Princess were there- It was
until recently the residence of the unfortunately demented Empress

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