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Sedan, Metz, +c- Every morning about break-
fast time, four hansome Horses drawing a yellow stage
covered with seats all over the top, with “Waterloo” on the
side in large letters, circles briskly around the statue of
Godfrey a couple of times, while the “english” conductor
sitting behind the driver, artistically plays a tune on his
bugle or post horn. One morning “Pop goes the weasel” and
nother morning “Auld lang syne” brought us all to the
windows. The principal street of Brussels
Is the Rue Royale, beginning at this “Place”- and on it, just be-
yond the Hotel Bellevue is a hansome Park of thirty or forty acres
filled with dense woods, walks, and statuary, around are sit-
uated the state buildings-
Beyond, down the hill, near the
general Post office, stands the Great
Cathedral, surrounded by an open
space, bordered by hansome “shops”, and
the national bank building one of the
best fronts in the city-
The Cathedral, begun the 13th
century, is not yet entirely finished
although the city and general
governments spend annually
large sums on it- An imposing
structure covering much ground.
-Cathedral- Within, the objects of greatest

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