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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 and four inches wide, by eleven or twelve feet high0 in one
single pane-
The Government buildings are sufficiently numerous but
not of very conspicuous architecture, although very neat and
clean, similar in style to the buildings in the Place Royale
except the Hotel de Ville which is antique, dingy, and half covered
with several dozen cheap statues, the other half unfinished, while
from the middle projects a tall hansome spire- In front of
it is a good bronze statue, or group, of the patriot counts
Egmont and Hoorne erected by the city in 1864. They
lost their lives while attempting to free their country from the
Spanish yoke, and the inscription reads “unjustly executed by
the Duke of Alba June 5th 1568- The life sized figures on
the right and left below represent
soldiers of the counts-
The new Bourse will be a fine
piece of massive architecture but
is badly situated-
The principal excursion from
here, is to the battle field of
Waterloo about fifteen miles
distant. We have watched
ever since our arrival (ten days
ago) for a clear day, but every
morning, rained, or threatened
rain so we shall miss the trip-
but “sour grapes”- Waterloo dont -Counts Egmont & Hoorne-

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