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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the Rhine to Switzerland. ALso met Genl Tyler and Daughter
and Mr Sinton and Daughter of Cincinnati-
We have had rain nearly every day here so that we
cannot take excursions out of the city- Have spent a large
part of the time shopping, especially for laces and dresses
Several kinds of laces are as cheap here as in Berlin, and
one dressmaker 20 Rue Royale is the most stylish that we
have found in Europe but high priced. We also find
the largest assortment of India shawls. Scores of shop windows
display them temptingly-
The greatest sales are to Americans- Nine tenths of the
customers whom we meet in the principal stores are Americans
And the largest lace-maker told me that her sales to Americans
far exceeded that to all other nationalities combined- (Misss
Julie Everaert + Soeurs 4 Place Belliard)- There, one day
we met a lady and daughter from Rock Island Illinois named
Cables, who had just bought for the daughter a Point lace shawl,
flounce half yard wide, fan-cover, parasol-cover, handkerchief, +c
all in point lace to match-
Here, the carriage Horses are hansom, and like all other
parts of Europe, have tails about two feet long, cut off square like
the English nags, but the draught Horses here and through
Holland, called the “Flanders Horses” are queer mountains of
flesh and muscle- Large, clumsy, legs large as half a
dozen ordinary Horses, they move slowly but with great certainty
and look immensely powerful-
I have just measured another plate glass, fourteen feet

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