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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 but the trades people and higher classes speak French.
Licensed commissions, men to do errands, are very numerous
They dress in uniform, but a cheap one— cap with red trimming
and a linnen [sic] shirt hanging loose without belt, pants variable-
On every corner, in every square,
we are never out of sight of them.
They generally speak a little
English, and are very reliable in
changing baggage, carrying parcels,
or doing errands of every description.
Dog-carts are very numerous
also. In this fine Place Royale
one can at any moment see several
of them, doing all sorts of carting and
drudgery, and frequently drawing
great loads that a man might
hesitate to attempt- All milk
peddlars [sic] use Dogs- Always only -Milk cart-
one-and hitched in shafts0 but the majority of draught Dogs
are harnessed under the cart, and frequently assisted by the master
pushing behind, sometimes tugging away through the crowded
thoroughfare while their mistress’ may be seen several yards
ahead with immense baskets going to market
Carriages poor and high priced, “Pourboir” in great demand-
We have fortunately again met our travelling companions Mr
and Mrs Castle who hastened this way from the great triumphal
entry at Berlin. From here they go to Amsterdam and up

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