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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 stores, large fronts, and extremely
brilliant display in the windows, in
fact the hansomest we have seen in
europe, partly due to their elegant
plate glass, the largest panes I ever
saw. I measured one near this
Hotel-being twelve feet seven inches
wide, and about eleven feet high
The Belgian plate-glass (Rue
Jericho) has a world wide reputation
Beside our Hotel begins the
Rue de la Madelaine [sic], descending
the hill, crooked and rather narrow
but filled with elegant fronts for half -Galerie St Hubert-
a mile. A quarter of a mile from her on the Madelaine [sic]
begins a ^glass^ covered passage called the Galerie St Hubert 650 feet
long connecting two main streets- – 60 ft high, and 25 ft wide
filled with showy shops, it becomes a charming day promenade
and is generally crowded with people
The láborers and common people here are nearly all shod
with wooden shoes, more than in any country yet visited-
The shoes are generally large, clumsy, and unpainted, but oc-
oasionally we see them smaller and painted black- Their
rattling upon the stone pavement, especially on little children who
run and play without losing them, or apparent discomfort, amuses
os much. The lower classes generally speak the
flemish language a mixture of French, German ^+^ Dutch – but

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