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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Godfrey of Bouillon, hero of the first crusade, holding the banner
of the cross in his right hand, said to be erected on the spot
where Godfrey in 1097 called upon the inhabitants to follow
him. One of the Belgians best efforts, by Simonis-
Coming up from the Depot, along the Rue Royale we passed
the fine doric “Columne des congress”. 175 ft high, erected in
commemoration of the first Belgian congress held June 4th 1831, when
Prince Leopold of Saxa [sic] Coburg was elected King (page 795),
and the statue of the King surmounts the column. The four
female figures on the corners of the base represented the liberty of the
Press, of Education, of associations, and of public worship-
As expected we find the city full and active- The great
crowd of tourists who heretofore crossed through France, have
for the year past, been compelled to pass through Brussels, and
the crowd of refugees from France (but now rapidly returning) have
swelled the number here, so that Brussels is crowded, active
independent, with high prices on everything- They claim
with the suberbs [sic], a population of 340,000. and say they
have had an av-
erage of 84.000.
strangers during
the past winter.
is a hansome
city, with an
unusually great
-Place Royale- number of fine

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