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hours ride from
landed us in
the hansome
city of Brussels.
No omnibus’
or large carriages,
so we choose two
of the many one- -Place Royals [sic], from our windows-
Horse, dirty cabs, two seats each, and landed in as good
style as the majority of travellers, at the “Hotel Belle-vuew”
which we understood to be the largest and best, but our
uncomfortable, filthy, rooms, and the inattention of servants
started me out at once for other apartments. Jep and I
walked four or five miles, from one address to another
until after dark. All full, crowded-
21st Today we were fortunate in finding a convenient suit of front
rooms at the Hotel de l’Europe across the square (“Place Royale”)
from the Hotel Bellevue- In the above photo- the
building on the right is the Bellevue- The de l’Europe is exactly
like it- in fact every building, (except a church) in the square
is exactly similar outwardly- probably a municipal law
in this case for the beauty of the square-
The church is the “St Jacques sur Coudenberg” (cold mountain) in
plain lofty corinthian- In front of it, surrounded by an
iron railing (see above) is the fine bronze equestrian statue of

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