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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 changing five persens [sic], with one umberella [sic], from the cars to the steamer
twenty or thirty rods, in a hard shower, is not strictly funny, but
It was necessary- Fortunately the RR Company attended to
The trunks, and the little steamer had a snug little cabin where
We very much enjoyed our strawberries, Bread, butter, cheese, and
champagne- The two and half hours ride through
the lagoons was unproductive of rich land or water-scapes, but
showed us a lively stir of inland shipping, and relieved by one
stop at the considerable town of Dordrecht-
At Moerdyk we take the cars again, and there we saw the
long RR bridge being built, of fourteen long spans, ten of which
are up- The country now grows higher, and
before reaching Antwerp we are all bundled out into a Belgian
custom-house where the examination
is very light, not opening a trunk
and we could see no good excuse
for keeping us standing a half
hour in a little room filled with
smokers, and other filth-
At Antwerp we must change cars
again although its only forty
minutes ride thence to Brussels,
Antwerp and Rotterdam are
large and flourishing cities, but so
similar to Amsterdam that we deemed
it unnecessary to loose [sic] two days
there- -Royal Palace-

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