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the draw (which parts in the middle)
by pulling down the opposite end
20th The 1015 A.M. Train carried
us away for Brussels, in about one
minute after we could get aboard
escaping from the multitude of beg-
ging porters and assistants who
invariable [sic] infest travellers throughout
Holland. To get our four
trunks from the Hotel, in a cart
to the depot, and into the bag-
gage car, required fees to six
porters and two uniformed officials.
Was much surprised yesterday -Column of Congress-
when a railway official presented -Brussels-
me with the two thalers which I had ovepaid on fairs-
From Amsterdam to Rotterdam we saw great numbers of
windmills, through the flat country which is cut up by a
net work of ditches filled with water. In one plain
we counted twenty six in sight at once on one side of the car-
Dark and raining- We were surprised to learn
from the conductor that we must change on to a steamer at
Rotterdam, and if we had not been accustomed to any kind of
demand, might have been surprised when the conductor bid us good
bye by running after us in the rain to touch his gold laced cap and
ask if I had any “leetle moneys for de condooctor”

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