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A great concert of two hundred and fifty singers is now re-
hearsing for tomorrow night, benefit of the Pope, so we are
not permitted to see within-
Amsterdam photographs are generally poor, and subjects poorly
selected- They claim the dampness interferes-
I drove to the house of a diamond dealer, but he frankly ack-
owledged that he could not undersell London-
We finished Amster-dam by a tiresome tramp through the exten-
sive Zoological garden. Quite similar to others we have seen-
Were much interested in the two huge Hippopotamus’ wallowing in their
deep basin, which would raise their huge heads at the call of the
keeper to receive their reward of a lump of tobacco- Rhinoceros,
two elephants, large reptiles, white
peacocks, and a great variety of
smaller animals and birds of distant
countries were interesting- The
struggling and flopping of the great
billed-pellicans [sic] while being fed
was a curious sight- We stopped
by the great orchestra and rested awhile
among many hundred people taking
The Dutch “draws” in the bridges
are all quite similar- A frame
on each side of the opening sup-
-Draw-bridge- ports a heavy set of timbers so evenly

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