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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 June Amsterdam 793

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 crape [sic] veil, knee breeches and swallow-tail coats showing ^from^ within the loose
cloak- chiefly on smiling fair complexioned boys-
We drove down into the Jew quarter and visited one
of the largest Diamond polishing establishments- This city
and Antwerp were for ages the chief places for that work-
all done by Jews. We entered a long room
where each side
wall was lined
with a row of men
behind a row of
wheels, pulleys, and
bands, driven from
large band-wheels
in the centre of
the rooms and
which must be -Crystal Palace-
passed carefully to avoid winding up our clothes xx
in the “twinkling of an eye”- The diamonds are
polished on the flat surface of a revolving steel wheel (about ten
inches diameter and half inch thick-) with diamond dust and
oil- The rough diamond is first imbedded in the peak of a
cone-shaped lump of lead, and held upon the wheel at different
angles until sixty four facets are made. One side of
the room were all engaged in “rose-diamonds” (flat back) where
only twenty four facets are made- We were shown some scarcely
larger than the eye of a small needle—worth a few cents only—
The Crystal Palace is the finest piece of architecture in

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