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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 they are all clean, even in the lowest and thickest part of the city along
the docks, narrow, thin, crooked, brown, but clean
Amsterdam is called the Venice of Europe, because its numerous canals divide
the city into ninety islands connected by two hundred and eight bridges,
but it is quite different. The former has no streets, no horses, no wagons, while
here are streets leading everywhere. The canals are generally in the
middle of the
street bordered
on each side by
rows of trees and
The boats are
all very clumsy
and “Dutchy”-
as blunt as saw-
logs- but
the people are not- We are surprised to find them so good looking- The
girls are unusually hansome- Our two chambermaids are pretty, and
all have fair complexions. Out of 266,000 in habitants, about one
quarter are catholics, so the city is everywhere gay with flags and banners
in great numbers- The middle classes wear such strange head-
dresses- A wide gold band across the forehead with wide projecting
metal (?) ornaments, standing out from each temple-
I doubt if the city can be very healthy with so much stagnant water
although its much fresher and cleaner than Venice- Yesterday we saw
three funeral processions pass this bridge with two hours- mourners are
evidently hired- all in black, long cloaks, high cocked hats with flowing

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