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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 rotunda and stairways are grand, and the wood work throughout, highly
rinished- and has the most charming situation in Amsterdam- It stands
on thirty six hundred piles, And every house in the city also rests
on piles, such is the yielding nature of the soil- The paved streets
gravelled walks, pretty gardens, and solid looking grounds are deceptive
appearances- When a trench is dug deep enough for a foundation they
reach soft earth mud and mire. Across from our Hotel a small-
house foundation is being laid and I watched the proceedings with much
interest. The foreman told me it required there, about one hundred and sixty
piles- They are about thirty feet long, to reach the hard ground below-
They were being driven with an iron-weight raised by twenty one men, each
one holding a different rope. It took them about a half hour to drive one
after everything had been arranged. Frequently the cost of a building
is as great below ground as above- consequently the large and substan-
tial edifices are scarce. Almost universally the houses have very thin walls,
made of brick, painted brown in every shade, especially the streets of shops
and stores, where the fronts are all narrow, thin, and high, with high sharp
roofs- This yielding soil gives a strange effect, seen in no other city-
Nearly every building
leans out of perpendic-
ular- If one house
happens to be plumb
the next one will ^not^ be
and both look
wrong, so that the
fronts are unpleasantly
[Image of canal, no caption] irregular- But

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