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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 These windmills are extremely
picturesque and attractive, es-
pecially when one sees several
in a line, near together, and nearly
all revolving at once- They
are nearly all similar to the ac-
companying photograph-
Their long arms look like four
great coarse-combs, on the teeth
of which they spread canvass to
catch the wind- The bee-hive
top revolves, in order to keep
[Photograph of windmill] the fans facing the wind
The mill and outer railing generally sit on the top of a two-story house. The
second story serving for a storehouse and the first for dwelling and sundries-
Notwithstanding their great dimensions and power, every glance from our
window down that line of whirling fans gives one an impression of “childs play”-
The shipping up and down the Amstel is large- in boats of every
description, from the large sloop to the smallest barge, and all are obliged
to lower their mast to pass under this large stone bridge at our right, except a
few ships for which they open a draw. Little steamers, a sort of omnibus
line, continually flit by. Barges of every size with lumber, grain, marketing,
beer, +c, rafts, yachts, rowboats, altogether furnish us a moving
panorama very fascinating- opposite our windows, also, I a yacht0
club-house with flags flying many yachts and rowboats moved near, and
two or three dozen water sheds holding more boats- This Hotel
is a fine specimen of Hotel architecture. One of the best in Europe- Its

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