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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 to figure it into German change- and after leaving Dusseldorff found
I had paid two thalers too much-
The telegraphs throughout Europe are quite similar to American in
appearance- The wire is a little heavier- brackets are of iron
instead of wood, and the insulators are white porcelain- Frequently
the lower wire can be reached from the ground, as their poles average
a considerable shorter than ours and generally numbered- [sic]
At Emerich change cars as we are soon to pass into Dutchland-
giving us ^a^ much poorer compartment than the German- An
occasional windmill may be seen across the flat country-
A little farther we are all chased into a Dutch custom house
where a slight examination is made- requiring me to unstrap and
unlock two of our trunks- At the city of Arnheim the
land rises with hills on our left towards the Rhine, for many miles-
At Utrecht we see the first canal, and another official dispatch
for more fare but as I have already overpaid, I refuse-
We reach Amsterdam in seven hours, and are disappointed in not
having seen any grey Dykes, only one or two canals, but
few windmills, and no great ditches, but a plenty of small
ones- There too another dispatch wit a file of officials
one of whom understood English giving me a chance to express
my opinion of their bullhead operations- This dispatch demands the
twenty thalers again ignoring what I paid in Dusseldorff- I
demanded by two thalers back and they left, to trouble me no
more- The station is just the city limit- [sic]
We cross a wide canal, and only a couple of blocks away
find our “Amstel Hotel”-

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