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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 contained in any other church, or cathedral- but the “bars” are
rather large for the good effect of the pictures. The architecture
is grand, higher than ordinary- but its rough stone walls and
pillars cannot view with those of St Peters at Rome, every foot of which
is of polished marble. The small windows of the latter reflecting
against the polished surface within give much more light and
cheerfulness, than all the great windows of the former- Its
rough, uneven, worn out floor compares poorly with the polished artistic
pavements of St Peters and St Pauls-
The same lazy usher, followed us around with his plate containing a
half dozen silver thalers (as he judiciously keeps the small donations out
of sight) for the “building of the church”- The same decaying black
scaffolding surrounds the stump of steeple and the same or similar
may stand for hundreds of years more. I was surprised to see men
up there at work, and still more surprised to see at least two
hundred stone-cutters in shops around the base, pecking away lively
with acres of cut blocks, leaves, heads, scrolls, figures ready to put up-
The building a a great pile, and an acre of cut stone goes but a little
way- When completed it will have five thousand spires-
Off again, on the 145 P.M. Train, across the Rhine, and down
its east bank, through a flat uninteresting country to Dusseldorff,
where an unusual occurrence surprised us- An official with two
policemen near at hand, entered our compartment and read a German
dispatch saying I had paid twenty two Thalers too little at Cologne-
upon examining the tickets which always have the price printed, I
found sure enough I had not, although I paid all that was asked,
about half enough- I again paid in French gold leaving the officer

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